Saturday, February 10, 2007


Aah, just had a week of revision classes. My brain is super rusty lah. We had communication skills sessions and they were really good. We were separated into groups and every group has a doctor who guided us as well as actors/actresses who pretended to be patients. We were given various types of 'patients' to deal with eg: angry patients, depressed patients etc. The sessions really taught me a lot, unlike BS classes we had before. Lectures officially begin on Mon so my stress level is starting to rise already. I still can't believe I'm in Auckland and back in uni studying. 6 mths of hols really seems excessive.
This picture was taken this morning at Auckland Domain, which is beautiful park near Grafton Hall.
Hey Lilian, have you arrived in Sydney? Hope you are loving it there!


Blogger Lilian said...

Hey, Tracy!!

Yeah, Sydney is a fine place to live. The weather is warm and sunny on most days and the people here are quite friendly. Haven't started orientation yet though..That's nxt week. My cousin has taken me around some of the places in Sydney to help get me familiarise with the place. There's a lot of variety of food here: Chinese, Indian, Western, Mexican, Korean, Japanese etc etc and yes, i AM eating. Its just that the cost is more expensive when you convert and the portion sizes are HUGE, about twice the amount in KL. How have u been doing? Are the classes hard? Lee Keng and Eve: How are u two getting along? Hope to hear from you soon.

February 13, 2007 at 7:17 PM  

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